Friday, May 6, 2011

My Adventurous Holiday

The first day of my holiday which was Saturday, my family and I were going out to are special birthday party in Pakuranga, we had to leave by 11.00.First we had to find some new clothing to wear and a foot wear, it felt really tiering looking for some clothes and foot wear. When my older sister was walking towards me, I said, “Can you help me find a dress to wear at the Birthday Party?,” and so she said “Okay”.So we both started looking for a few of dresses for me to wear.Their were five dresses that were coloured Blue and purple,yellow with stripes, pink with sparkling stars and red with green flowers over it.We both looked carefully and it was really difficult to decied because they actually looked pretty beautiful, but we only had to decied one drees.We both agreed on the red one that had amazing flowers that were green.While we were trying to put my dress on me,it felt very fit.After that I ran to the front door to get my black shoe that kind of matched my dress.As I put it on I said,”Now that is just the right size.”When I was all ready to go I had to baby sit my little baby brother in the lounge,I felt sick and tired of baby sitting because everyday I always have to baby sit even after school I still have to baby sit.While I was waiting for my sister to get of the room I gave my brother to her to hold.She was moaning and groaning because she really doesn’t like baby sitting, she said that its always hard to baby sit and I said, Oh yes it is.I kind of looked a bit worried because when I was baby sitting it really didn’t feel that hard, because I was sitting onto the couch.

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