Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ramona Room 18 NetBook Reflections

This year I have really Enjoyed having a Netbook to work on because it works really fast I am are on other things that I need to complete. It can make alot of difference by correcting the errors and searching for the word that I don’t know what it means, also it’s easier to write in as Document that is owned by yourself. Often when I go to my Google Doc, I get a page that says Offline Mode and sometimes it says The Connection Has Timed Out!

Another thing is that when I write I improve alot because I practise at home by writing one or two paragraph in my homework book.There are many reasons why I love my laptop so much, it’s because it’s quicker when I try to do something new. Also it’s easier to use rather then just using a pencil and a paper because it takes a long time to sharpen a pencil and rubbing out the mistakes and just making alot of mess.

As much as I have loved having a computer there are some things that I haven’t liked about my netbook. The issue about my netbook is that when I switch it on, I sometimes see it on TLN Manaiakalani and it takes a long time to load onto Wairehe. Sometimes it’s slow when I try to go onto other sites like searching for stuff that I really need to use for my school work.

The hardest thing for me is when I’m not being focused on my work, its because their a mostly a bunch of people around me who talks alot and doesn’t do their work well. That is when I get stressed. The greatest challenge for me is when the class is really quite and when their doing their work all by themselves. That’s what keeps me on task.

I think that if the netbook Pilot Scheme was failed and if I was back to pen and paper I would feel disappointed because I love using it alot even though I am out doing something else I still love playing on it. The reason why I would feel disappointed is recently I don’t get the idea about computers and the Network it confuses me.

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