Friday, July 20, 2012

Olympic Is Our Motto

This term because of the Olympics, our topic is “Go For Gold!” Monday morning, Immersion Assembly was lots of fun with the teachers putting on a great show, to inspire and motivate the students. The movies and plays were informative and fun. Mrs George showed a filmed interview she did with two New Zealand Olympians, Dick Quax and Yvette Corlett who both gave the children inspirational messages about how they achieved the olympic medals. To succeed, Champions need to have the 3 D’s... Dedication, Determination and Desire.

The performance that were produced by the staff, really made me laugh alot, especially my most favourite one, team 5. The reason why team 5’s item was my most likes was because, it looked funny it and it looked interesting. Last of all I would like to give a thank you to the teachers for producing this to the school.

The things that I really looking forward to do is, creating more stuff, learn about the Olympics that will be held in london. I hope that our class gets the opportunity to practise how to do olympic games.

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