Wednesday, August 4, 2010


When I play netball I always have to practise shooting the ball into the hoop. Every Thursday we play a game against another school. I get a red face and I sweat alot as I play. Before our games we practice and practice untill we get good at it. When we finish practising we have a break in the libary and we have a feed too.
When it's time for us to go, we take our gear and we walk to our coaches car to take us to the netball court. As we got onto the court we see a school that we are playing against. The school that we usually play is Holy Cross. It's always a tough game when we play against Holy Cross. After our game has finished we have a handshake to say "Goodgame."Then get change to go home and relax.

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  1. Hi Mona it's Osana I really wanted you to be in last years netball team but just keep up the good work


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