Monday, November 29, 2010

Ramona Butterfly

Last week on Wednesday we were doing art. Our first step was that we had to get a piece of paper and a book to look for some interesting critters.Then when we had found our own critter we had to draw it and after we had to colour it in with a crayon.Next I went to draw my butterfly with a crayon and when i went to go and die I was really excited because their were different colours that I wanted to use but I only had to use one colour.My favorite colour was yellow,but then Miss King my favourite teacher had told me to use green or blue,I went outside to die it green.The butterfly that I wanted from the book where their is heaps of interesting information."Wow what are day we had on Wednesday afternoon.But I did have fun doing art.

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  1. Hi Romona I liked your picture and the writing that was amazing. thank you.


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