Friday, November 5, 2010

Ramona Netball

On the first game, my perssion was GA and GS. In the first half I was playing GA, when I was playing against ANC school I felt like we were to easy for them. While I was running I slowly slowed myself down because my heart was pumping.When oyr game had stop we had to go to Miss Nua just to tell us what we're doing right.Then I heard a noise that was time for us to go onto the courts to play.During our game, I felt really tired that I didn't get to have a drink of water.The next perssion that I was playing was Goal shoot I really enjoyed playing Goal shoot because I didn't get to run I just had to stand in the circle and shoot the ball into the hoop.We have three games on every Thursday and in every week.After our last game we were playing really hard to win our game ,then when this crazy sound had turned up it meant that our game was over.I saw Mary.l cheering because we had won the game."Hurray Hurray" I said.

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