Monday, July 4, 2011

Juice Making

Hello their, my class and I were making juice. Our ingrdients were Pear and Apple, these are the inquipments that we used. It was a knife to cut, a jar to pour in the juice and also a Juice maker to mix the apple and the pear. Fisrt we had to wash our hands before we start our juice. It looked pretty exciting, and I felt pretty nervous. Secound of all we had to get a knife to cut the pear and the apple, it was pretty hard for the other students to cut. One of my friends said that they couldn't cut but I said to try and do their best. So they tried and tried until they got the hang of it. At last Mary and I went to Mr Barks to mix in the apple and the pear, we were jumping with excitment because we were the first ones to finish. After that we had to pour in the juice into a big jar that was coloured brownish. Finaly we got to drink it from the final session. "Yummy!"

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