Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Netball Tournement

Wednsday morning which was the Netball tournement, my team and I was trying to get ready for the first game for netball. We were really nervous because how it was the first game, when we were ready to go onto the court. We had to wait for some transport to come and take us.But we did get to practise on our court that was next to the staff room. Practising was really tiring because we had to run around the court 2 times, but the best thing that we got to play was half court. It was really confusing for the boys because they didn’t understand the instructions, but it was really exciting for them to play netball, because it was their first game. As we were playing half court I got really sick and tired of stopping the game speacilly for the boys, because they weren’t listening to the instrutions properly while Miss Vafusuanga was talking to us. I was thinking that they were not paying attention or maybe I think it was probably they were talking to each other and MissVafusuanga didn’t notice.During that time, walking towards us was the under 50kgs, I was confused why they were here. I thought that if they wanted to have a game against us but they kind of felt weird.I was heard that they didn’t have enough transport because their were only three transports, the three transport and they were Miccey, Miss Vaafusuanga and Mr Jacobson the short one.After that we were getting ready to to the ANZ Netball Court.My team which was the over 50kgs felt really nervous because how it was their first time, as we were just about go the coaches had to decide who was going to which.They just chose like 4 or more, and as we were waiting for Mr Jacobson to come we waited and waited for him inside the breeze to come. When he came he we were all excited because he b rought a van with two seats in the front like their was are chair in the middle and two chairs on the side and 8 seats at the back.In Miss Vaafusuanga’s car she had to take 4 people with and and 4 people with Miccey. As we were going to the Netball court we were jumping singing and laughing because someone was making fun of themselves and we were singing while we were half over their.Just about their we saw heaps of schools that looked pretty tough.But I said to myself in my head that “We a going to win I know that because CHAMPIONS NEVER GIVE UP”.While we were walking to the Netball court we all felt really nervous because nearly the whole school was looking at us like they’ve never seen us before.While we were practising our game the under 50kg looked really scared and they looked really shoct.When the bell went “Dong” the lady who was from Tamaki Primary School called out all the schools to meet her next to the Cafeteria.Everyone was running and screaming while they were walking to the cafeteria,but when we went we had to go as a team. So we all went as a team and every body plus the teachers was looking at us. When we all sat down and the lady started explaining what is going to happen.

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