Wednesday, October 5, 2011

T3W9 My Best Independent Writing

Note: Remember that I always have to indent and check if my
writing makes sense. Also make sure that I have checked my
spelling mistakes and do not forget about the 5 ws.
Who, What, Where, When and Why.


Intro: Netball- What I do first

P1. What are the skills an d when I started.

Conclusion. How do I feel playing Netball

Introduction of Netball

When I first go to Netball, the thing that all students do is sign up for the Netball team. Most often, we play before we get picked for the team, it’s really tough for the coach to decide because, their a always allot of Netball players who are really good but doesn't get picked for the Netball Team. When I get picked for playing Netball, the first thing that I do, is train myself to be a position where I can be an awesome defender and attacker. Being an defender is one of my favourite, because it brings my attention when I defend someone and I get caught for catching the ball and my team feels really cheerful because that’s when we get the ball into the hoop and, “SCORE!”

Writing Paragraph 1

When I first played Netball, I started in 2010 when I was 10 yrs old. I felt pretty excited for joining the team, also I had to sign up. The thing that all Netball players do, is a warm up, then the stretches just to keep our calves and arms stretched . Sometimes I click my fingers so that they don’t get bent or hurt from the ball. Some skills that people would always do, is chest past, throwing them across and up into the air. When I get picked for being a GS, I practise and practise until I get the hang of it, sometimes I struggle to put my arms up above my head to goal in the ball, because I’ ve never done this kind of action before. The only thing I do when I shoot, is keep the ball at my chest and shoot it into the hoop.

How I feel about Netball is that, when I play, I feel really nervous because from the start
I stay in my position and do a little bit of a warm up. This poem that I had was a poem about my feelings, it said, To badly Ramona, don’t be sad, be glad, love from your little lad, Angela. The reason why she wrote this poem was because, I lost my game, I did feel bad, sad but I was starting to feel glad from the wonderful tasty and yummy treats . It was a cup of hot chips, a fizzy, a hot dog, a nugget and a block of CHOCOLATE, “Yummy!’

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