Friday, October 28, 2011

T4W1 My Best Independent Writing

Note: Remember that I always have to indent my writing and use
different beginnings. Also remember the 5 W's,
Who, What, Where, When, and Why.???????
Details about the main idea, does this word best describe my writing, is it the best word to say what I mean????
The reason why I’m writing this is because I am trying to comprehend my learning, this writing is for the whole world to see and read.
School Holidays

Intro What’s happening for the holidays?
P.2 What is my favourite thing during the holidays?
P.3 How do I feel
Conclusion What is my goal for term 4?

I so can’t wait for school holidays because my dad’s family is coming over for a visit, even though the date has passed it was on the 1st week of school holidays. I felt pretty excited because the feed was at my grandmas house, I think it’s going to be a really big feast. After my dads family visit my family and I are going to the beach for a picnic, what an amazing holiday that I’m having. Holidays is on for 2 weeks, how cool is that.

Writing 2
My favourite thing during the holidays is meeting my dads special family because recently I haven’t seen my cousins for a few yrs. They haven’t notice me since for a few yrs but they are still my cousins, this was my 1st favourite thing in the holidays. “What was my 2nd favourite thing in the holidays? Well, as you know that some of you students have been to the beach for a picnic, that is just what I did but different days and different times. Going to the beach was making my heart pump, it meant to me that I was so nervous to go to the beach. As we got their, it was packed of allot kids and adults playing and having allot of fun. I wished that could make new friends just to make me happy and enjoyable because I haven’t seen any friends from my school but my cousin Ashin. My very funny cousin was playing basketball with his mates, feeling playful.

Writing 3
The feeling about my holiday is kind of a bit fun because their were just about two things that I did in the holidays. It is worth, a bit. Sometimes I feel sad, sometimes I feel mad because staying at home is a feeling to me that is so boring. Some day I will feel happy and some day I would feel so excited when I do something fun and go somewhere that I haven’t been to and that looks so interesting to see.


My goal for term 4 is to focused on what I’m doing even though if someone talks to me I really have to ignore them. When the teacher tells me what to do I have to do, the reason why I have to learn more is to make my family proud, proud of me and proud of what I have for my learning. Sometimes I just can’t be focused when people are talking around me, I just feel like I’m not focused. Sometimes I’m learning on my work but sometimes I’m not, not working is not my type but working is. This whole thing is about my learning for Term 4.

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