Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Camp Highlights

I shouted out in the house to my mum and dad that, camp was coming up very quickly. I was feeling very excited because it was our 22nd time at school and going out for Camp. I quickly packed my clothes till Monday. Monday to Wednesday, I thought that it wasn't to quick but it was just right for everyone to have fun and enjoy. The activities that we had to participate in every single day was Kayaking, The Point England Amazing Race, Boxing Fit, Cooking Prep and Old School Games with Mr. Harris. Every single night, after dinner, the whole senior kids would search for a place to practice their item for Tuesday night. On the last day which would be Wednesday we will all go to Swimarama.

One of the standouts for about camp was cooking.
The reason why cooking stands out to me is because I really love cooking food for the whole world which is why I want to be a chef. I cook at home and at my sisters Cafeteria at Alexandra Park and at The Netball Centre down on Morrin Road.

My next stand out for me is Old school games. I was wondering what old school games were. I knew that we had to pop other people's balloons in on the grass. First we had to get a balloon each and blow it up, from the size of our head. Tie a string to the balloon to our legs and very very carefully walk it to the grass to pop other people's balloons. The nest game was called the prate game, it was very interesting because we had to run around and act like pirates. I thought that the people in my team really enjoyed it. This game that we also played was this egg game when you have to get a partner and stand behind the rope and start throwing the egg by under throwing it. I love that game so much that I want to play it during school is well.

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