Thursday, March 8, 2012

Goals For School


Intro: What is my goal for this year
P.1 What am I looking foward to do
P.2 What will be my favourite thing
p.3 How do I feel about Point England School?
Conclusion: What will be my goal for next year?

For 2012, my goal is to work hard not necessarily smart. I love my netbook so much that I want to take it home with me everyday but that depends when I get permission from my parents. I love to play games but that's not my goal, sometimes I have to do school work and on Friday I get to have free time. If I can't finish my work I need something that would help me get my work done on time so that I can go on anything. Well I call it Freee Time.

What I'm looking forward to do for this year is to play more sports hopefully take my netbook with me when I go home. I still can't wait for Camp because it's coming up really soon. I hope everyone will have fun this year because we all had a great start this year.

My favourite thing this year is Netball and my subject is Topic, Writing, Maths and Reading. My most thing when I work is to be focused. I hope I get all my subjects done.

I feel really happy that I'm at this school and it's a lucky school because we all get to have a netbook each. I'm glad that I have friends at this school and a teacher to tech my class a lesson. Love this school.

What I'm looking forward for 2013 is to have a lovely year like this year, 2012. Love having everybody working so hard on their and the teachers doing everything for the school. Hope the seniors get to have Camp all Year so that they could have fun.

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