Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Very Tragec Story

Hello and welcome to my story of two girls fighting over a boy. This sounds really sad because this 10 yr old girl Joanna died. The title of this story is "Fight Over Boy' Leaves US Girl "Dead", it's actually from the news. First the beginning of this true sad story is that, after school two very young girls got into a fight just about a boy. Their school name was called, Southern California Elementary School, this young girl told her mother that she was feeling very ill on the way home.

Joanna the girl that was fighting, died hours later. She was complaining to her mother that she wasn't feeling well so they went home. Joanna's mother changed her clothes and took her to the hospital but it was too late. She was in coma when they took her to the hospital.

Joanna died at a Long Beach hospital at 9 pm Friday, about six hours after the fight in an alley. People have not released the girl's name, the one who was fighting with Joanna. The daughter's mother was crying so bad to know what happened. Police, who have interviewed the other girl involved in the fight, were investigating and said that no arrests were immediately planned.

Click on this link to find out more or read more about this very Tragec Story.
"Fight Over Boy Leaves US Girl Dead"

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  1. Hey Ramona,
    I think you have to read and make sure if your spelling is correct and that if it does make sence and I like your writing you have improved so much last year. Well Done!!

    1. Thank You Mary for that feedback, I will check my spelling and see if my writing makes sense.


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