Thursday, February 16, 2012

X7 Vocabulary for CS - CyberSmart

X7 Vocabulary

8.) Comments - Someone saying something on the computer or speaking in front of their face. Comments is when people could say something nice for example like looking onto someones blog and saying something nice about their work.

9.) Footprint - The area taken up by some object

10.) Surfing - Waves breaking on the shore or Ride the waves of the sea
with a surfboard

11.) Graphics - The meaning of graphics is when someone is drawing or
photographing in the layout of a book.

12.) Legal - Legal is a thing where kids go onto other sites that their not surppose to go on like facebook, youtube, or even download music.

13.) Positive - Something that is good to shown in front of the whole world even a movie program for kids.

14.) Audience - People gathering around looking to see what’s happening or a whole heap of people with kids watching something on a big screen.

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