Tuesday, February 14, 2012

T1W2 First Time at Technology

Hello and welcome . For this time I am going to tell you my first time at Technology. As you will know that all the yr 7s went to Tamaki College for technology to learn about how to make stuff and bake stuff. My group for tech was Electronics. I was pretty happy when I heard the name Electronic because I actually wanted to know how to make electric stuff that won't hurt me. So by the time I got to the other side of the school I was pretty much confused because everybody from my school was pretty much all over place around Tamaki College. Finally the teachers settled up the groups, just to make everyone not get confused.

While waiting for a teacher to come and take my group to a lab, I really wanted to join in Food. The reason why I wanted to join in food was because I love eating and I love cooking and baking. When Mr Malhotra came along I was quite happy that he was our tech teacher for 14 weeks. After introducing himself, he took us to the lab which was EP1. The lab looked huge, I really wanted to muck around in the lab.

Finally we got to write something rather then just sitting on the chairs waiting for stuff to be done. But we do have to listen to the instructions so we all know what to do. In the classroom I loved the long big chairs, the touch screen and the two sliding board that can go up and down.

For tech it would be more fun and interesting if we all did something that could make us work as a team because it would just be boring just sitting doing nothing. But I still had fun at tech.

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