Thursday, August 16, 2012

Record... Almost

I’ve always wanted to win a prize but it’s just that my goal doesn’t work when I say so. But, I figure out how I might win that special prize so here’s my thinking and I mean my goal. My goal is to push myself to work smart not necessarily hard and just concentrate on my own specific work that Mr. Barks has assigned to me. So that’s my goal.

“Eyes on Me,” says Mr.Barks. As he’s talking, he is telling us about how our assignments are going. I cross my fingers and listen to see if I’m still in the runners up. “Yes, oh yeah oh ha", I said, celebrating with excitement, because I’ve completed my XtraMath, Readingeggs which is the Comprehension Gym, Stadium and the Library. While he’s carrying on I feel “Stink,” because I haven’t finished the Freestyle Usage. So, I suddenly say “Oh man,” I was at least an inch to be winning, breakfast prize.

My goal for next is to find an independant spot for me to get all my assigned task done for the week. Also make sure that my friends don’t interrupt me or else, I’ll just say “Be quiet.” So fingers cross that next time when something like this happens, I have to do my own independent work during class and manage my time so that I don't have to be on detention. So, finger crossed.

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