Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tiring "Beep" Test

My Heart is Pumping, and I’m shaking which makes me get the feeling that I’m really really... to say the least nervous about the Beep Test. The reason I’m feeling all shaky and all that is because, the Beep Test can be really tiring and more challenging. After getting ready, I'm starting to feel more pressure on me which makes me feel really uncertain.

When I suddenly heard the “BEEP” sound, I started running and I felt like I was staring off a bit slow and running to beat Jasmine who was trying to race me to the other side of the court, suddenly she bumped me into the person next to me. Starting the Beep Test made everyone in Room 18 look very uncomfortable.

While the other students trying to improve, I dropped out, because I felt puffed out and my calves were burning. When I dropped out on level 3, I was pretty disappointed because my goal was to pass level 5, ah well. I hope next year my class and I get the opportunity to do the Beep Test again. So a big thanks to Miss Vaafusuaga for letting us do the Beep Test.

The things that I liked about the tiring beep test is that, it’s really challenging because I “LOVE” playing sports that are tiring and heaps more challenging and it can be fun as well.

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