Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Favourite game of Netball

Hello and welcome to my blog. The reason why I’m writing this to you is because, I’m going to tell you about netball why would you want to read about netball well... I play netball. I play netball in Glen Innes for my school, at Morrin Road. I can play really well. Some day I get all the goals in and sometimes...Well lets just say  I can get really really tired and don’t play as good as I want.

The reason why I participated in netball was because, netball is my favourite sport and I just love playing netball. I LOVE netball and so will you, if you join in. I’m glad that I’m in “NETBALL!”.

My thoughts about netball is that it’s an awesome sport for everyone to play. This sport keeps us fit and strong. The rules of this game is pretty much simple. Like this rule number 1, no running with the ball while holding. Rule number 2, don’t bouncing the ball if you’re running after it before the ref blow the whistle and that’s when it’s the other team’s ball.

My position for every netball game is GS, GA. These position are  like GS, which means Goal shooter is an attacker and the position where somebody is shooting. Goal Attack is another position where someone is shooting but not inside the semicircle. They’re standing behind the line with their defender. I feel really happy about my position and thanks to my coach Timi.


  1. Hello Ramona,
    Awesome writing! I really like netball too. You are great at shooting. Your writing was good but you could maybe fix it up a little bit. Anyway I can't wait to read more of your post, keep up the great work.


  2. Hey Thanks Viv,
    Thanks for the comment, and yes I will fix my writing up a little, so ya. Anyway thanks for the wonderful comment.

  3. Hello Ramona,

    I really like your writing about Netball because you have interesting thing about netball. You need to fix some of your writing. I like netball too.

    Love Faaao.


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