Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reflective Writing T2

The Tale of Despereaux!

   This year for term 2, our class has been given a novel to study and to try to read difficult and extended text. For my reading group, The Gates, the novel that we’re reading is called “The Tale of Despereaux.” “Can you guess what Despereaux means? Well if not, it can mean desperate or despair. Also it’s a french word.

   This novel is about a little tiny mouse, who has got huge crazy ears. At first, this mouse who is named Despereaux, ran to a hole and from there, he looked out to see a Princess named Princess Pea. Despereaux was reading a story, and when he stopped at a sentence, that caught his attention, he was deeply falling in love with the Princess that he saw. When Princess Pea saw Despereaux and as she picked up his handkerchief  she was looking at him directly into his soul.

For me, my feelings about reading my own group novel, is that it challenges us to think about the great vocabulary that we’re reading. Also it gives us the chance to wonder things as we read, for me it was time to vote, I would honestly give it a thumbs up.

   What I’m looking forward to continue reading on this journey, is having to read other novels that can caught my attention and that has got interesting vocabulary for me to use in my writing. I think that this novel is the definitely is the best. For some reasons that I think that this novel is the best is because it’s sounds funny and it’s got great vocabulary.

   My thoughts about this story, is that I think I’ll certainly give it a thumbs up. I hope that our class  comes into a possession to get the opportunity to read more novels after because I really love reading stories.

If you are connecting to this story, why not reading it. This story is awesome and trust me, you will LOVE  IT ! I hope that you have had the opportunity to read my story about “The Tale of Despereaux”
Please give me some feedback about my writing that I wrote. (Likes or Dislikes)

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