Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Favourite Place in and around the World

   Our class, Room 18, has been given the opportunity to find out what our favourite place is. For some students in my class, they were struggling to find out what their special place was. I think that, this place is one of my most favourite place around the whole world, it’s the “BEACH!”

   The reason why I chose this picture was because, one of the reasons, I can campfire with my family and friends on the sand, swim in the sea and last, just have a sleep.  I love camping on a beautiful warm day at the beach. Out of all the places in the world, I think that the beach is the best. The beach can be relaxing too.

   The things that I like about my picture is, I can spend time with my friends and my family and have alot of enjoyable time together. I love hanging out in the beach.

  Thanks to Tyler and Jasmine for editing my writing for this week and just checking if my writing makes sense. You sure have been going over and over are few times on my writing and telling me where I need to put those punctuation and grammar in the right place. Thanks alot.

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