Monday, September 12, 2011

The Story Behind The Argentina Flag

The Story Behind The Flag

Argentina is a part of South America. It is one of the biggest countries in South America. The flag of Argentina has a history of around 200 years. It was originated in the year 1812. Argentina became one of the richest nation between 1885 to 1935 based on it’s agriculture and infrastructure. Argentina’s flag consists of two colors white and blue.
Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina.

The sun was used as it was also used on the first argentine coin. The colors of the flag can be interpreted as it represents sky and clouds and the sun symbol used in the middle represents the sun itself. Another interpretation of the flag is the white resembles silver and the blue represents Virgin Mary. Another story is the flag of Argentina is inspired from House of Bourbon the royal family of Spain.

It had three bands, which are equal in size, two are in blue color and one is in white color.The white color band is in between the two blue color bands. The white color band consists of a sun symbol, it is called as sun of May. The sun in the flag is designed after the Incan, the god of sun. The flag of Argentina was hoisted for the first time on august 23,1812 in Buenos Aires.

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