Tuesday, September 6, 2011

T3W5 All About Me

Note: Remember I always have to indent and
check if my writing makes sence, also remember the 5 ws
Who, Where, What, When and Why

P.1 Talking about myself and my friends
P.2 What my friends a like and my culture
P.3 What my sister do and where she works
Conclusion Talking about the tasty food

Hi my name Ramona and I am 11 yrs old.I go to Point England School, my teachers name is Mr Barks.He is a very cool teacher and he is tall, but also he is from a country called Canada. His accent is very diffirent to our accent. I have got 10 friends and their names are Jasmine, Mary.l, Osana, Tui, Hosannah, Tyla and also Huelo-ata plus Chanel, Hainite and Cecilia.

They are my best friend that I have ever met, they a kind to other people and they a always friendly. My culture name is Cook Island and I am from a Island kind of matches my Island is Rarotonga. Rarotonga was a very amazing place where my sister was born, my oldest sister.

Her name is Ngatamaine, she is the coach for the Netball team, she sometimes reaf for my netball game. Did you know that she works at the ANZ Netball that is where I play.When ever I see her work she gives me nuggets, a hot dog, hot chips with tomatoe sauce on top.

They taste really delicious, if I eat where my sister works I say “Yummy” when she gives me food. I feel excited when my netball game is finished because I can hang around the netball court that is beside the Cafeteria.

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