Friday, September 23, 2011

T3W7 Typing Lessons F and J

Do you ever get stressed about your keyboard, well if you do, why not go onto this wonderful site called, The reason why I am telling you to go onto this perfect site is because it recently helps you by looking at your screen and typing, it makes it so simple. When I first got my Net Book I got really stressed about using the keyboards and guess what, I would always use my pointy finger for typing, that’s horrible. I think I’m learning how to type like a little kid. This site lets everyone play by contributing to their typing skills, ven though you might get stressed about it, you can give a go and when you make it you will earn a certificate. Maybe some day or sometime, you will get use to this wonderful game and you will get use to typing.

This is a certificate that I was given when I was playing, I got really stressed about it but, I tried my best to collect all the certificates and guess what? I got them all. Hopefully, you will enjoy this game so well.

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