Monday, September 19, 2011

T3W7 My Most Important Thing In My Life

Introduction What I like
Paragraph 1
What is my most important thing in my life.
Conclusion What my friends a like


“What I like? Well, I like using my Net Book in class and I love taking my net book
home so much in my life. The reason why I love taking my net book home is because recently, I can do my assignments at home and I get to do anything at home is well.


The most important thing in my life is my family and friends. What I like about my family is that, they care for me and cheerios me. What I like about my friends, is that they are kind to me and they treat me like friends should be treated, they treat how my brother and sister treat me. They are sometimes funny and they giggle with me and they also make me laugh when they do something very funny.


My friends enjoy themselves just like I do when I play with them. I really love to have heaps of friends that I can play and that makes me enjoy with them. Sometimes when I play with them, they sometimes ditch me and sometimes I’m all alone. I LOVE PLAYING WITH MY “FRIENDS!”

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