Monday, September 12, 2011


Remember that I always have to indent so I can make my writing really
good and interesting. Most importantly check if it makes sense and check
if I can add some very good words that can be used in a sentence. The
most important thing that I should always remember is the 5 ws.


Introduction All about 2011
Paragraph 1 What is so great about this
Paragraph 2 What is my favourite thing?
Paragraph 3 What is the most important thing in my life?
Conclusion. How do I feel?


"Wow what an amazing year". "Hurray for 2011!!!" Ian't this year so beau till, to me it looks like every one
is having an awesome time meeting friends and meeting their teachers. I really hope this year will be an enjoyable
year for every one to be in.

"Whats so great about this year,?" well, as you know that my great thing about this year is,
playing sports, participating in the fun activities like jobs and trying to work hard.My goal for
this year is to get up or move on to a higher level, moving onto another higher level gets my growth
even higher. During class time at school, I try my hardest to learn more about Reading, Writing and most
importantly is Maths.Maths is one of my favourite activities,because most oftenly,i feel like I want to be
a brainy person.

My favourite thing in 2011 is,participating in sport and activities.Most oftenly my favourite thing in my life is Netball!
The reason why Netball is so important to me, is because it's my favourite sport and that's why I love playing it.
Netball makes me contribute with the other players in my team.We all work as a team that's why it's called team work.
One day I'll become like the sliver ferns and play against other countries,It's one of my favourite things playing
against people from other schools.

The most important thing in my life is my family and friends. What i like about my family is that they care
for me and cherish me. what i like about my friends is that they are kind to me and they treat me like how a friend should be treated. They treat me like how my brothers and sisters treat me. They are funny and they laugh and giggle
and they enjoy themselves just like I do when I play with them. "I Love PlAYING WITH MY FRIENDS!!"

To me when I go somewhere with my friends, I just feel normal like how I am right here, right now.
I love school because, "SCHOOL IS COOL.!!!"

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